What do things cost?

  • We charge 10 cents a day for fines
  • Regular print outs and copies are 10 cents each
  • color copies are 20 cents
  • Faxes are $1 per page, but we don’t charge for cover sheet

When are you open?

  • Mon 12-5
  • Tues 10-5
  • Weds and Thurs 10-8
  • Fri 10-5
  • Sat 10-3

What if I owe money?

  • We try to work with our patrons because we want you to come back (and we want our stuff back).  If you owe a book to us, we will take a replacement copy in good condition. If you owe an item to another library, please contact that library to take care of it.
  • Children can clear all late fines by paying $2.
  • Adults can clear all current late fines by paying $10
  • If you owe more than $5 or have a lost item, we suspend library services until you can take care of it.

Why do I have to show you a library card to use a computer?

  • using a computer is one of our library services, and we can also make sure your card is up to date

Can I use a room?

  • If it’s not in use- but please ask first, we have a reservation system.
  • If you want to use the room after hours, talk to the Library Director


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